Packington Estate

The stunning new home of Festival of Sport

The Estate

An oasis in the heart of England

Packington Estate is situated at the centre of the country nestled between Birmingham and Coventry. Its proximity to these two cities has shaped the Estate in becoming a mixed use, diverse hive of activity where the traditional country Estate meets the urban fringe.

The mix of farming, forestry, residential, commercial and leisure business make this a truly unique Estate and a bustling community to live, work and play.

Woodland, Forestry & Farming

Protecting the countryside

The Estate woodland comprises a mix of commercial plantations (mainly soft woods) along with amenity and sporting woodland (mainly hardwoods).

All of the Estates Woodland is included within the Estate 20 year Forestry Management Plan that ensures that the woodland habitat is maintained and improved for both timber quality and habitat.

Historically the Estate had a diverse range of farming enterprises to include dairy herds and pig farms. Today the majority of the land is set for arable production, however there are still extensive areas of grassland that support beef and sheep farming. 


Packington Hall